Saturday, December 29, 2018

Review: My Sister is Missing - Carissa Ann Lynch

My Sister is Missing

Review: My Sister is Missing - Carissa Ann Lynch - March 2019

Ever since their parent's divorce, Emily and Maddie have been estranged as their mum passed away first and then their dad. Emily lived with her mum and Maddie with her Dad. Now Emily has been called back home as Maddie has a secret to tell her. Maddie is separated from her husband and has been raising her two children. That's not the secret though, but just as Maddie is about to tell Emily - she disappears. 24 Hours pass and that grows into a week and then a month. Where has Maddie gone too? As strange messages appear, Maddie soon learns that her sister's disappearance could be related to Sarah's over twenty years ago. Also, we learn that the day Emily hit her head in the woods was the same day as Sarah vanished without a trace. We also know what small towns can be like with their hidden secrets and protecting one another and Bear Border is no stranger to that reputation. 
If you enjoy cold cases and mysteries and past/present novels, then you will enjoy the experience of My Sister is Missing by Carissa Ann Lynch.

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