Review: The Family Lawyer - James Patterson and Robert Rotstein

The Family Lawyer

Review: The Family Lawyer - James Patterson and Robert Rotstein - October 2017
This was an exciting and quick read as this book is part of the James Patterson Bookshots which are quick novellas. The Family Lawyer takes us into the life of Matthew Hovanes. He is a skilled Criminal defense lawyer and is a genuinely nice guy. After working a long day, he is ready to head home when he gets a call from his daughter - she has been arrested. It turns out that a girl at his daughter's school committed suicide on camera and named his daughter as one of the bullies who played a significant part in destroying her life and wanting to end it. His daughter who is sixteen and has her whole life ahead of her is being charged for cyber crimes resulting in the death. This book had a 13 Reasons Why feel as Matthew starts to investigate to help his daughter. When Matthew begins to dig deep, he discovers that the daughter he thought he knew, he doesn't, and she is a "mean girl." As the story goes along, it seems that Matthew put his whole family on a pedestal and that as he threw himself into work - he might not know what a single member of his family is capable of. This was a fast-paced and quick read as JP is famous for. I did think it finished a bit fast and did not see the twist at the end coming. This book has two other novellas included but I didn't read them as they didn't seem to grab me as The Family Lawyer did.


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