Saturday, December 29, 2018

Review : The Christmas Layover - Robert Tate Miller

The Christmas Layover

Review: The Christmas Layover - Robert Tate Miller - November 2018
Ally is heading to New York to finally get married to her partner Tim when she is seated on the plane next to Noel who is flying back to New Jersey to be with her husband, Brian. Noel happens to be heavily pregnant as well. Due to the weather storm, the plane is diverted to a small town of Bethlehem who goes out every Christmas - it's a Deck the town tradition. As there are no hotels available, the city has agreed to Billet, a few of the passengers. Ally and Noel end up being billeted by Peggy. Her son Jake runs Charlie's Diner which belonged to their father and has lost his Christmas spirit and spark. As the days go on and Ally doesn't hear from Tim, she starts to get worried and will learn that she has an excellent reason to be concerned as he has cleaned out her bank accounts and done a runner leaving her without a cent or her business. Noel, on the other hand, looks like she is about to explode and have her baby any day yet she's trying to hold on as it's a New Jersey tradition.  The Christmas Layover was a fun heartwarming romance that reminded me heavily of a Hallmark Channel movie.

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