Review: The Anti-Social Network - Sadie Hayes

The Anti-Social Network (The Start-Up, #2)

Review: The Anti-Social Network - Book #2 The Start-Up Series - Sadie Hayes - October 2011
After a great start-up and business design, Amelia and Adam Dory are onto something awesome. Their idea is becoming recognized, and it looks like they are the "Next Big Thing." The pair who went through the foster care system together better be careful though as it looks as though others are wanting to take advantage of their successes and their naivety. Will this business idea pull the twins apart? Both have their problems happening too as Adam is being blackmailed by their old foster family and Amelia is being strung along by TJ's family as Amelia ruined his father and now his father wants revenge and Amelia to lose everything as he did. OMG, this book ended in a major cliffhanger when we discover that Adam's "secret" girlfriend is not exactly the one person type of girl. This made me scream, and now I want to hurry up and read book #3 where I'm sure Adam will discover the truth. The Anti-Social Network was a swift read and reads like a serial novella longer than a Serial Episode but shorter than a Novella.

Book Later Renamed: The Next Big Thing - Sadie Hayes


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