Review: All the King's Horses - Kim Congram

All the King's Horses (The Katura Chronicles Book 1)

Review: All the King's Horses - Book #1 The Katura Chronicles - Kim Congram - November 2018
This book starts with the main character Emma Adira serving in the Katura army. She is one of their best soldiers and has made her way up as far as she can go in what is viewed as a man's world. During the first half of the book, we read as Emma helps serve on a mission for the current King of Katura. When the mission goes sideways, and people are either injured or worst killed, Emma helps save not only the King but also tries to save her team members. This results in Emma receiving a medal at high valor. About mid-way through the book, we read as Emma is in an on/off relationship with a fellow soldier Jack as well as the tragedy of the King's death. During this time, his son Felix takes the throne. Felix isn't like his father though and is weak-minded. Due to this, we are about to read as the throne is overtaken by the President and a General with a small army backing. This action throws the whole country of Katura into a turmoil with riots, deaths, and murder. As the country of Katura becomes a dictatorship and the life, Emma and her friends have known starts to be destroyed. The world of Katura need a strong leader, someone who will fight for what is right and fight her hardest is what Emma will do? Will Emma be the one to try and save Katura? I have to admit I was a tad unsure about this book and whether or not I would enjoy it as it didn't seem like my type of reading. It, however, was fast-paced enough that it kept me captivated and wanting to know more. I also really came to like and admire the main character Emma Adira. A powerful female role model.


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