Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Review: Judgement - #Cards of Love Series - Jenika Snow


Review: Judgement - #Cards of Love Series - Jenika Snow - October 2018
I have so far read a couple of the Cards of Love books, and they seem to be hit and misses. Judgment by Jenika Snow was a definite hit. I enjoyed this particular story as it touched all my favorite tropes. From the edginess of the main female lead's life to the true love angle and that no matter what happened that these two characters had each other. I also loved the fact that neither character pushed each other away or played games with each other's hearts as I hate how that often happens in books.  We have Arsen and Harper. They were raised in a trailer park, and despite telling each other, they loved each other strongly. One night Harper's dad pushes her too far and lashes out more violently than ever, Arsen rushes in to protect Harper and Harper's dad ends up dead. Arsen is then arrested. The next part of the story is Arsen in prison and Harper religiously visiting him. Then, of course, they get their HEA when he is released. I loved it too, that despite having the "criminal' annotation hanging over his head. They didn't let that stop them from becoming a somebody and him providing for his future family. If you love edgy romance true love stories that make you go Awhh :) then Judgement by Jenika Snow is one that will hit the spot.

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