Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Review: Winner Take All - Laurie Devore

Winner Take All

Review: Winner Take All - Laurie Devore - January 2018

I was drawn to this book by the bright colors on the cover, and that does sound corny since there are matches on the cover of the book. In this book, we meet Nell who is very competitive and seems like your strong feminist type who won't put up with anything. She is in to win and currently sits at second on the grades scoreboard. Her mother is the first female principal of her school and she feels it is her responsibility to be the best. Coming first is Jackson, he is the guy everyone wants to be and the guy every girl wants to be with. He is also smart and wealthy. Nell is the only one who doesn't crumble under his spell when he challenges Nell that he can make her fall in love with him. Nell is not backing down from the challenge accepts. Of course we see Nell's personality starting to change when she's around him, and unfortunately, Jackson will prove Nell wrong as he twists and manipulates her and leave her questioning everything in her life. This book is what happens when females go weak and let their lives be shaped and controlled by males. As Nell gets lost in Jackson and starts to have her whole world revolve around him - so much that she will jeopardize her friends, family and future in order to be with him and the sad thing is that for Jackson it's all a game but for Nell it's her reality.

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