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Education for our children is important and something that we all wish to have instilled into our children. Some children though have difficulties learning and we don't wish to discourage their learning but they are bothered by the way others are taught, they get frustrated and evidently decide one day to stop learning . 

As parents, family members and educators we wish for this not to happen and Learning Success - www.learningsuccessblog.com  has created a number of different activities to help the children learn.
Some of the current activities on the site that I have tried include:

Eye Saccades :

Growing up this was probably an excercise that should have been done with me and then I might have had access to glasses earlier. You know how some children tend to slip through the system and then later it is picked up that they need something. I was that child. I never needed glasses or so I was told until I turned 11 years old when I started making spelling mistakes when I was copying from the board.  
Prior to this excercise I had never heard of Eye Saccades . According to Learning Success 
Eye saccades are for strengthening the eye muscles. If you think about it, the eye muscles have to work all day long,
  • To read they have to keep the eyes stable as they scan the page.
  • To look at things that are close they have to pull the eyes together
  • For math and writing, they need to track and stay stable
  • So weak eye muscles can cause problems in lots of areas. And the problem often goes undetected. 
  • For those with this problem, a little strengthening goes a long way. It can make a remarkable difference.
  • Letters stop jumping
  • Eyes can track a line while reading. So no jumping lines and losing place
  • No more headaches when doing close up work
  • Eye saccades are a great way to strengthen those muscles.

    This particular activity has the adult or tutor standing 5 ft away from the child with their arms bent like chicken wings across their chest but flatter. Kind of reminds me of an acute triangle shape. The child stands in front and the adult salutes one arm straight and the child follows it without moving their head/neck.  They are just to follow it with their eyes , this is to go on for about a minute.  Provided in the lesson is also a silent copy of the video presenter doing the excercise so you can follow. I did this but have to admit it is quite hard to keep your head still as it is a natural reflex for us to twist and move our whole head completely when we go to look at something in the distance.
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