Review: Black Widow - Jenni Moen

Black Widow (Black Widow #1)

Review: Black Widow - Book #1 Black Widow Series - Jenni Moen - November 2016

After solving a cold case which evidently he should have been celebrating, it, in fact, ruined his marriage and his career. Scott Russell has lost everything and now he is politely relocated to Highland Park - a wealthy subdivision with low crime rate. On his first train ride to his new place, he meets a mysterious woman on the train. There is something capturing about her, and after a train ride of talking, Scott proposes that he can make her fall in love with him after a week. Seems like a challenge and she accepts, he doesn't know her name but when they are due to go their separate ways she is involved in a mugging which Scott steps up to help. She is edgy and asks for no police involvement. This flashes warning bells for Scott as he is a Detective. Soon strange things start to happen for Scott as it is like he is being thrown money, bribed - he just doesn't know what for and who it is from as of yet. The book continues, and we finally get a name for the female - Celeste Smythe. We learn her side of the story about how she is wealthy and that she is reclusive. We also discover her hesitancy towards law enforcement as her husband died and Celeste  nicknamed the Black Widow. What will happen though when Scott gets involved more romantically with Celeste, and it looks like someone is trying to kill her or are they trying to get rid of him? Find out in Black Widow and OMG that ending in the police station with Scott looking at cold cases, it has now made me want to read Book #2 when it's released. Fair warning thy readers, Black Widow does end on a major cliffhanger.



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