Thursday, December 8, 2016

Review: The Auction - JR Gray

The Auction (Down & Dirty Book 4)

Review: The Auction - Book #4 Down and Dirty Series - JR Gray - December 2016

When I first saw this book available, it sounded interesting as I loved the whole idea of a human auction. Other than that I wasn't too sure what the book would be about. The book introduces us to Scotty and her friend Cherie. Scotty at first I thought was a guy and was getting a bit confused and then I realized that Scotty came from her surname and her real name was Abigail Scott, and then I did get a little more confused as she had been in a female relationship. It turns out that Scotty is bisexual and her friend Cherie is lesbian. The Auction takes place in a BDSM club where Stark has been signed up on behalf of his drag queen friend Pinky to be one of the items for bidding. Scotty wins the bid of Stark, and the two get together and talk, will he be the one to help her get over Tanya - the one that messed her up and in turn will Scotty help Stark get over his fears and move on from his wife who passed. The Auction takes readers into the world of the kinky, the world of Dommes and Submissives and opens our eyes to the different fantasies that sit inside of us all.  The Auction was a fast-paced book and a whole lot of relationship/ character development of Scotty and Stark as well as the Erotica/BDSM side of fantasies and sex.

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