Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: Friends Vs Family - The Academy - C.L Stone

At the end of Book #2, we were given the pretense that something bad was going to happen and WOW did Book #3 Friends Vs Family bring out all the punches, but it still left us with unanswered questions. Sang's mother went overboard this time and ended up dishing out a really bad punishment that could have killed Sang had her friends not rescued her in time. We learned about Sang's mother's illness and how it was the C-word. We also discovered the truth about Sang and her upbringing and in part why her parents were paranoid etc. about other people in the outside world. We saw Sang's father up and leave, and of course, The Academy stepped in once again to help Sang as they would do anything for her. In Friends Vs Family, Sang is about to discover the difference and must learn to trust those around her to move forward and will discover that sometimes Friends are closer to you than your actual family. It reminded me of this quote that Family is who you are born with and Friends are the Family you choose for yourself. I loved how the boys all stepped up for Sang, and we wonder how long the relationships can keep as we saw the introduction of more than friendship growing in this book and of course nine guys with different affection levels for Sang can only equal disaster - Right? Friends Vs Family is the turning point for this series as it now starts to move away from Sang's family and upbringing to the focus of the Academy boys and men. This is one series that I can't believe I waited so long to start reading considering I have had this series since 2013 and it's now three years later. 


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