Review: Run - Kody Keplinger


Review: Run - Kody Keplinger - June 2016

I had enjoyed a couple of Kody Keplinger's previous books including The DUFF, so when I saw that she had a new one out - it was going on my to-read list. I have to admit at. First I was a little confused as one of the main character's name was Agnes and I had originally thought that was the same name as the girl from The DUFF but then I re-checked, and it wasn't but something I did pick up is that Kody likes to use older generation names for her characters. In Run, we meet two girls each living on the invisible opposite side of the tracks when in fact what separate's them is just the woods. Agnes Atwood comes from a middle-class family and who has always been told to avoid the Dickinson's as nothing ever good comes from them. The Dickinsons' are the town's bad ones. During her senior year, Agnes befriends Bo Dickinson, and the two become closer. This is Agnes's year to shine, and Bo will be the one to help her get out of her shell and her bubble as Agnes is also legally blind and has been babied all her life and is feeling trapped in this prison of a small town. When Bo gets in trouble, Agnes is there for her as Bo mutters one word - RUN. This is a story of friendship and loyalty and a coming of age novel and that sometimes you need to get new friends to blossom and discover the true you and what you are capable of achieving.  Run was a slower YA read than I am used to , but as I got along with the book I found the characters more likable and in a way Run reminded me of the movie Crossroads starring Brittany Spears just minus one girl.


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