Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: Get in the Car, Jupiter - Fisher Amelie

Get in the Car, Jupiter

Review: Get in the Car , Jupiter - Fisher Amelie - September 2016

First off, I love this cover so much. It was one of the things that drew me to the book, that and I have previously enjoyed Fisher Amelie's books. Where to start with this book, it was awesome. It had all my favorite things from unrequited love that turns into actual love, road trips and fun along the way. We first met Jupiter - yes that's her real name, and her sister is called Mercury and get this - they live in a UFO house on a lake. Jupiter is about to graduate from college and has never kissed a guy but has always had her sights set on Ezra. Years ago, Ezra was the type of guy who was the life of the party but then tragedy happened, and his whole personality took a 360. Now with only weeks left, Jupiter gets up the courage to talk to Ezra, and one thing leads to another, and they discover that they are both A) enrolled in the same course in college and even better B) heading to the same college. Roadtrip time - Ezra, Jupiter, and his cousin Kai are on their way to Kai's house for some fun times before College, but to get there they will have a heck of a ride. From a Hitchhiker who likes to get naked, setting a bush on fire and ending up on the news to fancy dress parties. Everything about this book was awesome, and after reading it, I wanted to be Jupiter. I adored her character so much. I even enjoyed the side characters and want a book about Milo now which is Kai's brother, also after reading this I have to admit I wanted a yummy cheeseburger. If you are wanting an awesome New Adult Romance to conclude your 2016 reading list with then what are you waiting for - hurry up and check out Get in the Car, Jupiter as you will not be disappointed.


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