Review: First Days - The Academy - C.L Stone

First Days (The Ghost Bird, #2)

Review: First Days - The Academy - Book #2 Ghost Bird Series - C.L Stone - April 2013

This is a series I have had on my Kindle to read for years, and it's just recently after talking to a friend that I finally got around to starting it, and I love it. In Book #1 we were introduced to all the characters and introduced to the idea of a Reverse Harem. In First Days, school is starting up for Sang Sorenson and her new group of guy friends. Her friends are transfers from The Academy, and it seems that her newfound friends are making her a bullying target and making her stand-out. It also seems that somehow others in the school have the idea that Sang is also part of the group known as "The Academy." When the danger starts to hit closer to home and causes Sang to stand up for her friends, she is advised by Blackthorne and Dr. Green to take a step back from the boys as her being around them has her painted a target on her back. There is something about this series that just draws you in and I have to admit this series is great if you need to do Character developments, and profiles as each of the characters in this series are represented well and in-depth.  OMG, the ending of this book had me going ARGH and WTF as I now must read the next book in the series. It finished with Blackthorne reading the results of Sang's background as he wants to bring her into the Academy family. The ending of this book had my mind whirring and has set up a great premise for Book #3 which I cannot wait to get started. If you are in the mood for an awesome and thrilling YA series, then check out First Days: The Academy by C.L Stone as you will not be disappointed with the story inside of these pages.



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