Review: Burning - Danielle Rollins


Review: Burning - Danielle Rollins - April 2016

Angela grew up in a household where her father taught her that monsters were more interesting than heroes and soon she fell into that monster category by getting into trouble and mischief. One thing led to another, and she ended up in juvie and behind bars. Things have been going as well as they could in juvie and Angela has her two best friends Issie and Cara. With only three months left until her release, Angie is trying to be on her best behavior. However, things are going to get cray-cray over the next course of her remaining months as a new girl has been transferred to the prison and is awaiting trial. The new girl Jessica looks like an Angel but holds a deeper dark side to her that if the others aren't careful is about to cause a whole lot of damage. Another thing is that the prison rules are getting stricter and more girls are being reprimanded for the littlest of things. Once Jessica arrives, you get a feeling something odd is about to happen, and a few things do but in a way it was quite gentle compared to what I had expected - more Green Mile than Carrie. During the course of the novel, we are also introduced to a programme called STEMGirls and at first it seems innocent enough but what happens when Angela does some digging and discovers that all is not what it seems at the prison and that she and her friends are in danger ? Burning was a good fast-paced read and if you love teen Prison novels with a hint of the paranormal and a mystery factor to boot then Danielle Rollins book is for you.



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