Review: Forsaken - Lisa Renee Jones

This was one series that I had been enjoying and looking forward to reading Book #3 as we had previously met Amy Benson aka Lara who had gone on the run and hidden her identity after her family was killed six years ago in a house fire. She has been running for her life and trying to keep herself alive and was doing this solo until she met Liam Stone who is now her fiance. In Book #3 we have Chad's story - Chad is Amy aka Lara's big brother, and we learn about how they got to where they are now and how their family's archaeology and treasure hunting business got them in debt and trouble with a powerful and dangerous man known as Sheridan. In Forsaken, Chad finds himself kidnapped by Gia Hudson and then roles reverse as she helps him escape as long as he takes her with him. We later learn that all is not what it seems with Gia and that she may be connected to what happened to his family all those years ago. I have to admit I had hoped for a little more with Forsaken, but found this story quite frustrating as Chad and Gia had this whole Love/Hate relationship going which got a bit boring to read after a while as it was like bloody hell, make up your mind and stick with it and really who freaking cares how much you don't trust each other , we don't need to read it every single page. I had also hoped that the reunion between siblings would be a bit more eventful, but Amy acted like a spoilt brat and was almost needy and clingy towards Liam. I was like really, you can't go anywhere without checking with your fiance- talk about controlling and giving him your power.  We also weren't really any steps closer to finding out why Chad was betrayed and then, of course, the ending, which was predictable but really you would think he would have cared for his family more than a piece of equipment and ok,it would have caused damage but wouldn't you rather have your family over any other situation - I know I would. I know I am ranting about this book, but I do need to say I did enjoy it, it just wasn't how I had pictured it, and the characters of this book just frustrated the heck out of me. I am curious though after finishing Forsaken, to see what the next books in this series will be like and whether it will improve after the dip that Forsaken left me or will continue the same. Overall, if you love the whole idea of being on the run and witness protection books, then you will enjoy Forsaken by Lisa Renee Jones. Think Fool's Gold meets The Long Kiss Goodnight.


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