Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: Forgiveness and Permission - Book #4 The Academy - CL Stone

Forgiveness and Permission (The Ghost Bird, #4)

Review: Forgiveness and Permission - The Academy - Book #4 The Ghost Bird Series - C.L Stone - October 2013

Before writing this review, I do have to admit that I have enjoyed this series to date and am enjoying it and want to see what happens but for some reason Forgiveness and Permission drove me freaking cray-cray, and I wanted to scream at this book and to be honest, I think there was a bit of shaking the Ipad as well . Parts of this one just frustrated the hell out of me. So to catch up, Sang's mother is now in the hospital, and her father has run off. We still don't know too much about Sang's birth mother. Sang and her older sister Marie are fending for themselves and trying to keep up appearances. The Academy boys have been stepping up to the plate and helping and spending more time with Sang. We also saw in this book a bit more introduction of Derrick, Micah, and Tom - the neighbors.  As the year is getting by and of course hormones are raging, the boys are all falling in love, and some more than others are developing strong feelings for Sang. Of course, she can't just date one of them - it's all or nothing as North and Blackbourne are about to learn when they go to visit someone whose Academy team made it work with a Bird, however, in their case, it was four guys and one girl not nine guys and one girl. I felt in this book that Sang was just playing with the boy's emotions and not caring about them. It's like be honest, how many times do they need to save you for you to trust them and HELLO - tell them everything as they will find out eventually. Can Sang work with the boys and love them all equally to make things work or will this be the turning point in Sang's life where she seriously needs to make a decision and an ultimatum and stop messing everyone around her lives up, just because hers sucks doesn't mean everyone else does?  I think it might have been the whole one-sided relationship of this book that frustrated me or the fact of playing games with people's emotions and hearts but it would have to be my worst Academy read in the series so far. I honestly have not felt so worked up about a book in ages, but this one I think worked me up more as I do love the boys and care about them but desperately want Sang to get over her freaking naivety ARGH.  After that little rant, I am however looking forward to seeing how it develops and YAY - the boys Luke and North finally have their diner open.

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