VBT# Mr Cocky - Nana Malone

Mr. Cocky: A London Billionaire Standalone

Review: Mr Cocky - Nana Malone - December 2016

After having a drama-filled life with his mother and brother, Nick has finally finished his Masters Degree and is ready to move into the world of PR and has an internship lined up for a Cosmetics company that the famous entrepreneur Charles Day founded. Nick's life would have been cruisy, and he would have achieved wonders if it hadn't been for his family and of course, they are about to interfere once again. Reading about Nick and his family hit home for me as it reminded me of my family life and how if anything goes wrong especially financial issues etc., it seems to fall on me to fix the situation and I was never able to leave home because things would be drastic if I left. One night while working his last shift at the bar, he is offered a lot of money to be a spy for the new company he is about to and report back on their projects and antics. Simon Day figured that as the oldest son, the business should have gone to him instead of his half-sister Serena. Though I have to admit, I have never hated a character as much as I hated Simon, he was awful and such a mean-spirited bully. Nick accepts only because his family is in trouble again. What will happen though when Nick aka Mr. Cocky starts to fall for Serena and vice versa? Has Nick managed to crack the walls of Serena and can he prove her that he loves her scars and all and that the money meant nothing to him - it was only a means of survival? 
Find out in Mr. Cocky by Nana Malone. I loved this book as it shows readers the insight of what happens when someone is torn between the loyalty of family, career and the ones they love and the lengths that people will go to either protect the ones they care about or how far they will go to succeed and hurt someone for their gain. What I liked about this book was that it gave readers the two sides of someone who cares about Family and the other someone who is a true narcissistic and only cares about themselves.



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