New Feature: Learning Success - Poke the Smilies

Education for our children is important and something that we all wish to have instilled into our children. Some children though have difficulties learning and we don't wish to discourage their learning but they are bothered by the way others are taught, they get frustrated and evidently decide one day to stop learning . 

As parents, family members and educators we wish for this not to happen and Learning Success -  has created a number of different activities to help the children learn.

Some of the current activities on the site that I have tried include:

Poke the Smilies
At first I have to admit I read this as Poke the Similies and figured that it would be an English learning game but then I relooked and it read Smilies as in Smiley Faces.  Before the lesson starts , there is a video accompanying the excercise which explains - what the point of the activity is and how it will help your child. 
Poke the Smilies is a Bilateral Co-ordination excercise. This means that . That means it's an  exercise in which your limbs cross the center line of your body. Bilateral coordination exercises are important because they strengthen the corpus callosum. The connector between the brain hemisphere's. 
In this activity , there will be different smiles appearing on the screen and if they appear on the left side you hit them with your right hand and right side with your left hand. It is preferred to start the screen small and then work your way up.  This activity helps children with their gross motor skills.
On a personal note , I have to admit that this activity would be better done on an Ipad or a tablet rather than a laptop screen as it got confusing at points of the game. Depending on the age and attention span of the child , this is an activity that could last anywhere up to 10-15 minutes. It has been suggested that they should do the excercise for at least 2-5 minutes , the thing is to ensure that they don't start to get tired as this is where the frustration appears and then at that stage things start to spiral out of control.

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