Review : The Black Room : Door One - Jasinda Wilder / Jade London

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The Black Room: Door One

Review: The Black Room : Door One - Book #1 The Black Room Series - Jasinda Wilder and Jade London - November 2016
After finally getting around and reading Madame X and loving it, when I saw The Black Room series written by Jasinda Wilder. I knew I had to give it a go. Reading it we are confronted with a startling beginning with a female waking up in a room, and there are doors and more doors - most are painted black except one. We wonder as the reader how she got there and what she is doing? In a way, this book reminded me quite strongly of Madame X and what happens below Floor 13, and I wonder if I had attached it to that since It hadn't been that long since I had read the book. Behind one of the doors lays a man working out, at first I had the image in my head that he was like a Beast - think a sexy version of Beast from Beauty and Beast as he was hidden away. The pair has an intense sexual relationship with lights on/off and all sorts of positions, and kinky comes out to play with BDSM aspects. Then the book finishes after her amazing sexual experience, and a door has disappeared. After finishing the book as it was a quick read - the series comes across as a serial; I was a little confused about what had happened in the story and what the idea behind it was. In the end, I figured it was just a quick smutty and sexual read, a bit like Alexa Riley's sex-fuelled stories that turn you on just by reading the words of the page and imagining the scenes. I am however looking forward to reading the next ones in the serial series to see how the story develops.



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