Review : One - E.S Carter

I have to admit when I got this book to read and review, I just thought it was going to be another romance novel and when I say that I figured heterosexual. We are met with photographer Isaac Fox who is on holiday trying to get over someone who he has loved. At this stage, I thought he was talking about a girl, and then the novel jumps ahead, and he is in his studio shooting models, and we discover that Isaac is bisexual but leans more towards guys than gals. One guy, in particular, has captured Isaac's heart - Flynn Phillips. The thing is that Flynn likes women, or so he believes he should as he has only ever been with one guy - Isaac, but he can't stop thinking about him. The novel then goes on to Flynn hoping to see Isaac but Isaac is called to a family emergency and the pair doesn't see each other for a while as Isaac took time out from his career to help with family issues. During Isaac's absence, Flynn is moving towards modeling into acting and has been given a part in an upcoming movie that coincidentally Isaac is working on as one of his brother's is the Director.  During the movie shooting, we read as Isaac and Flynn decide to take the leap into trying a relationship of sorts. There is a lot of back and forth in this book and at points annoyed me as I am not into playing games with people's hearts and think that if you like them and want to start something then freaking be honest about it, don't pussy foot around. If you are looking for a sweet M/M romance then Book #5 Love by Numbers Series - One is the book for you.


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