Review: 1981: Jessie's Girl - Love in the 80's - Lindy Zart

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1981: Jessie's Girl (Love in the 80s #2)

Review: 1981: Jessie's Girl - Book #2 Love in the 80's Series - Lindy Zart - February 2016

We all have an era that we wish we were born in or one that we love and fantasize about, for me it is the 80's and so it made sense to me to get the Love in the 80's collection. In this collection, each book is named after a popular song of that year, and each book is a year in the 1980's decade.  I have to admit at first take I was surprised at this read as I am not used to the males being the lead characters in New Adult books or the fact that the males outweigh some female characters. In 1981, we met Sam who has been awoken by one of his best mates Jessie and Jessie's current flavor of the week Catherine Tate. The group of friends couldn't be any more different, but this is their last bit of freedom and time together before college hits. We have Sam - the main character, Jessie - the jerk, Catherine - his flavor of the week, Dickie - their brainiac and slightly overweight friend and Hannah - the female jock. During their road trip, they are about to discover that being in confined spaces; their friendships will be tested and emotions run high as they go through being victims of a hold-up, liking one another and jealousy striking. It will be one road-trip that this group of friends will never forget. The Love in the 80's books are all New Adult themed and written as Novellas - so are fast-paced reads. 



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