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The Sound of Rain

Review: The Sound of Rain - Gregg Olsen - December 2016

After recently reading one of Gregg Olsen's books, I was hooked on his writing and when I saw that he had a new one out called The Sound of Rain. I knew I had to read it and I was more than certain that I would enjoy it. In The Sound of Rain, we meet Detective Nicole Foster whom just before Christmas season is called to a crime scene where a little girl has been abducted from her mother's car while out shopping with the family. This was a weird case from the beginning with the mother coming across as cold and the answers not matching up with the questions and then when evidence goes missing and suspects turn up dead. Nicole knows something is seriously wrong and suspects corruption, but due to her past, she is dismissed and eventually ends up losing everything and becoming homeless. Months later, this case continues to haunt Nicole, and she decides to do some more digging into it and finds a similar case and MO from twenty years prior where a guy was sent to prison for killing his stepsister who was the same age as Kelsey. The stepbrother always proclaimed his innocence, but like her case, all the evidence pointed towards him, and he was found guilty of murder. As Nicole goes deeper, she is about to discover a conspiracy of murder and is faced with the cold hard truth that you can't trust those closest to you and often that they are the ones you have to be afraid of and not the strangers. I have to admit without giving away the story, which I did not see the whole ending coming. I was so shocked especially in that last chapter; it made me go OMG how and I did not see that coming and finally a WOW.
If you love suspense novels and crime shows, then The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen is the read for you.



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