Friday, December 23, 2016

VBT# Bette and the Beast - Liza Penn

Bette & the Beast (Hotel Ever After, #1)

Review: Bette and the Beast - Book #1 Hotel Ever After - Liza Penn- September 2016
What drew me first to this book was that the title was similar to Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast would have to be my second favorite fairytale, first is Cinderella. I also have a thing for reading fairytale renditions, so when I saw that this was loosely based on Beauty and the Beast I was hooked. The second thing was that the main female character Bette owned a bookshop which I loved and she also ran a storytime for the children - which in my job as a Children's Librarian - I do this also. The block of shops which Bette's bookshop resides on is trying to be brought by Dickinson as they want to make a fancy hotel. Bette, though in the red refuses to sell, no matter what the offer as this bookshop is not only her life but also her pride and joy, her baby. Her father is a Real Estate agent and currently in the process of a big deal. Richard turns out to be part of the Dickinson firm as Bette discovers and despite their amazing chemistry, she is not backing down especially if he thinks he can walk all over her. During the quick read as it is only a novella, Bette discovers the truth about what Richard was trying to do by seducing her and emotions, and words are thrown about. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Bette leaves. Richard realizes of course that he has fallen for Bette. Can the pair make up and will this Beauty and the Beast type characters have their HEA or will they both be as stubborn as one another and refuse their happiness? Cursing them both to lead unhappy and loveless lives? I found Bette and the Beast to be a bit of a slower paced book than I am used to and in parts, it felt like nothing was moving, but overall it did turn out to be a sweet romance read. 


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