Review: 1982: Maneater - Love in the 80's - Cambria Hebert

1982: Maneater (Love in the 80s #3)

Review: 1982: Maneater - Book #3 Love in the 80's Series - Cambria Hebert - March 2016

It's 1982 and the song raging around is Maneater, and this book introduces us to a Maneater, the thing though is that the girl doesn't realize that she has been labeled one. 1982: Maneater is also a book of opposites attracting. Years ago, Eric and Kelly were the best of friends and childhood buddies and would do everything together. Then life happened, and the pair became hurt with one another and started drifting further apart till one day they completely stopped talking to one another. Life passed them by, and now they are in High School. Kelly is Miss Popular and the Queen B, and Eric is a Science geek. Kelly has a reputation for being a maneater and stealing boyfriends away; she does it for kicks and just because she can. When the pipes burst at Eric's house,  he and his mom find themselves crashing at Kelly's house and living there. As the pair start to spend more time together, they realize that they missed one another and that deep down people don't change despite changing their surface stuff. What will happen when Kelly's latest boyfriend-stealing plan backfires and she finds herself an outcast? Will she learn her lesson and in doing so discover that she hasn't been the best person over the years and in doing so change for the good? Or is this just a misstep in her popularity race?
Travel back to 1982: Maneater with Cambria Hebert to discover more in this quick Love in the 80's High School Novella.


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