Review: Up in Flames - Abbi Glines

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Up in Flames (Rosemary Beach, #13)

Review: Up in Flames - Book #13 Rosemary Beach Series - Abbi Glines - June 2016

If you have been following the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines, then you will be all too familiar with the character Nan and all her antics. She is the Mean Girl of Rosemary Beach. She is the type to hold a grudge and ruin lives. If you are in her way, then she will do anything and everything in your power to destroy you until she gets what she wants. However, underneath every bad and mean girl, there must be some ounce of goodness and Major - not Captain. I got a little confused at first since they are both titles and had the latest Abbi Glines I had read before Up in Flames featured Captain. Major has been hired to keep an eye on Nan and get close to her as she supposedly is connected to a drug dealer that Major's company has been searching for and wanted him DOA. What happens though when Nan starts to pull away from Major and give him the cold shoulder, she is known for? Can he earn back her trust or will the big guns come out to play as while in Vegas - Nan meets Gannon and he treats her like she wants to be treated, a way no-one has ever made her feel before and OMG she might just be falling in love. I know right - Nan having feelings of love for someone other than herself. I have to admit in Up in Flames; I did near the end start to feel for Nan as she was truly starting to open up and love and then they trampled on her feelings. What will happen though when she discovers that she will end up getting more than she bargained for with the relationship with Gannon? Will he realize she is more than just a job and that he too is falling in love for the first time? An experience that neither party thought that they would ever experience in their lifetimes? One of my favorite things about Abbi Glines's series is that you never have to miss the previous characters as often their tales crossover in all her books and they have guest character appearances. If you are like me and going through Abbi Glines's booklists, then check out Book #13 in the Rosemary Beach series as you will not be disappointed with Nan's story in Up in Flames.


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