Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Review: One Night with Hemsworth - Eden Finley

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One Night with Hemsworth (One Night Series, #1)

Review: One Night With Hemsworth - Book #1 One Night Series - Eden Finley - September 2016
You now how some books capture you with their titles, this one caught my attention as I was like mmmm Hemsworth = Australian Hemsworth Brothers. What I got though was an Australian fiction about a guy named Cole Turner whose ex-wife and the mother of his son is getting remarried and wants her son to call the new guy Dad. This has driven Cole to the pub, and he has a bit too many to drink. During this outing, he meets Paige who is willing to flirt and looking for a one night stand to get her mind off her cheating ex-boyfriend. The two have a quick banter, and then one thing leads to another, and they end up in bed together. The next day, Cole is due to meet the new fiance and the guy who will be raising his son, he rocks up to the door, and Paige opens it. Paige, as it turns out, is about to become his ex-wife's new stepdaughter. Talk about Awkward moments, especially since Cole's ex-wife Reece holds all the cards when it comes to their son's custody and parental rights. What started as a one night stand though has left some serious chemistry sizzling and an imprint on both Paige and Cole's hearts? Can they work out the family issues and be together or will they find themselves running into a brick wall every time they try and make a decision to be together? 
Find out in One Night with a Hemsworth, and I have to admit I hated the character Reece and was glad she got what was coming to her in the book. One Night with a Hemsworth is the type of romance where love can conquer all and that sometimes you have to put on your big girl panties and love despite the consequences and what anyone else thinks.

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