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Review: Mechanic - Book #2 Breeding Series - Alexa Riley - November 2015

It's Alexa Riley time as I needed something that I could just sit back and read and enjoy and possibly turn me on and yes, read her books always do. There's sex in books, and then there is Alexa Riley's sex in books. She takes the whole sex part to the next level. When you pick up one of her books, you expect it to be smutty and OTT. The Mechanic was one of those reads as come in the series is called "Breeding." I also thought it was an interesting touch that the Mechanic's name happened to be Paine. Penelope aka Duchess is in town to get married, an arranged marriage created by her father when her car stops working, and she takes it to the nearest Mechanics- the one that Paine happens to own. He spots her and feels something towards her, he wants his way with her and he must, and it seems he will do absolutely anything to make her his property including messing up her car. During this book, we will see Penelope lose her V-card to Paine, have sex in various shady places and finally get the guy of her dreams while bringing the other one down to justice. Of course, what's a romance without an HEA?  In Mechanic too, we are also treated to a bonus love story between Joey aka Josephine who is the tomboy that works with Paine and Law Anderson- Penelope's brother. If you want some hot action this Christmas period,  then check out Alexa Riley's Mechanic.



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