Friday, December 16, 2016

Review: Remember Yesterday - Pintip Dunn

Remember Yesterday (Forget Tomorrow, #2)

Review: Remember Yesterday - Book #2 Forget Tomorrow Series - Pintip Dunn - October 2016

You know how often when you read books; the first one is always amazing and then you have high hopes that the next one will be just as great. Then when you read it, you feel a little letdown as it just isn't measuring up to the greatness of the first book. That's how I felt with Book #2 of Pintip Dunn's series Forget Tomorrow. I loved the first book with Callie and Logan's story and their rebellion against the world of Future memories after discovering that it could lead to genocide. We also were revealed a massive twist that Callie and Jessa though born ten years apart were, in fact, identical twins and that they were supposed to be born at the same time, but due to them holding the key to the future memories, their parents planted the embryos separate. Remember Yesterday is set ten years later after the end of Book #1.  Callie has been gone ten years, and Jessa is now sixteen years old and still a valuable asset. She spends her time trying to save those in trouble in her acts of rebellion against the Commander. Remember Yesterday tells not only the story of the budding romance between Jessa and Tanner but also the act of love that Jessa will do to save her sister and the world from the terrible wrongdoings the past ten years. I did, however, get a swoon, and happy moment during Remember Yesterday as in Book #1 it briefly touches on their father who went missing during a time-travel experiment and he returns in Remember Yesterday which was awesome.  Will Jessa be able to save Callie and set everything right or will it cause more harm and ripples for the future?
Find out in Book #2 Remember Yesterday. P.S I do have a cover crush on this series.

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