Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: Hunt the Dawn - Abbie Roads

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Hunt the Dawn (Fatal Dreams, #2)

Review: Hunt the Dawn - Book #2 Fatal Dreams - Abbie Roads - Decembr 2016

There is a serial killer on loose and only Lathan Montgomery knows and he hopes that with his skill he can convince the FBI of the same thing. The Strategist he has been nicknamed has been killing for a while now, but no-one knows who it is or where he his hiding. Every lead they have comes up cold. That is until Lathan meets a mysterious girl on the side of the road in the desert. Evanee Brown ever since she was a little girl has been in danger, and if she isn't careful, it has caught up with her again, this time in the form of her evil stepbrother Junior. Luckily Lathan was in the right place at the right time as he steps in to protect Evanee. He takes her back to her house, only for her to fall asleep and during her dream world she meets a little girl who hands her an eye. She wakes up screaming and in her hand is an eye. What does this mean and how can it be? Lathan is about to discover that yes, his world can get stranger than he is used to as turns out Evanee has a gift. The dead can come to her in her dreams. However, paired together Lathan and Evanee are dangerous as they are the only two people in the world with the power to stop the elusive serial killer known as The Strategist. What will happen though when tragedy strikes the pair? Can their love for one another keep the other surviving and with love as strong as theirs can they fight to be together once again in life or death?
At first, I wasn't sure what to expect and whether Abbie Roads Fatal Dreams would be an awesome, mediocre or a general ok mystery but it has fallen into the awesome category and now I am looking forward to going back and giving Book #1 a read. If you are looking for a good FBI/ Serial Killer/ Abilities type mystery then check out Abbie Road's new series Fatal Dreams as you read , you will be kept on the edge of your seat with suspense.

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