Review: Cutting up the Competition - Carissa Ann Lynch

Cutting Up the Competition

Review: Cutting up the Competition - Book #2 Horror High Series - Carissa Ann Lynch - May 2016

Cheerleading is a deadly sport and if any disagrees they obviously haven't visited or heard the stories of Horror High, oops I mean Harrow High. Last year, a series of strange events occurred where Cheerleaders were placed in danger, and the police arrested the suspect, and she went straight to Juvie. Now a new year is about to begin, and it seems that the killer is still out there and that the mastermind is still at large. Also in Book #2 the killer aka The Sociopath who is what Carissa Ann Lynch has headed up the chapters in which we get to read their POV has taken the getting rid of the cheerleaders to a whole new level - this time with actual Murder. As each cheerleader is targeted with a note and then deadly actions, it seems that this year the Cheerleading squad may be canceled which despite the happenings going on the Cheerleaders aren't keen on this as this year is the State Championships. If you loved Goosebumps growing up and the Point Horror stories, then you will love Carissa Ann Lynch's Horror High Series. I also have to admit; I did not see the ending coming, and now I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.  If you love your mystery/crime/horror and have not yet tried Carissa Ann Lynch, then what are you waiting for? Hop onto Amazon and check out her Horror High and Flocksdale Files series as you will not be disappointed.


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