Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: Hopeless Romantic - Seth King

Hopeless Romantic

Review: Hopeless Romantic - A Short Story - Seth King - July 2016

Imagine if you the day you were going to propose would be the last day you would ever see them alive? What would you do? Graham had always loved two things in his life - Writing and Olivia. One day he decided to propose but be a bit different and zany and do it as they jumped out of an airplane. Things though didn't work out to plan as tragedy occurred and only one of them left alive that day. Graham fell into a deep depression, and nothing seemed to snap him out of it, except one thing- his journal. Graham decided to put his words to a project and started to write to Olivia and then one thing led to another as he ended up writing their love story for him to move on. The thing though was that Graham was living in a world where it wasn't cool for Males to be romance writers. They were supposed to write about Adventure and Action Thrillers. Think James Patterson and not Nicholas Sparks. Can Graham break it in the world of Romance or will he become a laughing stock? Has it got what it takes to break the mold and become a successful male romance writer? 
I have to admit I enjoyed reading Hopeless Romantic as in one way you could imagine that it was possibly based on a real story since of course Seth King has become a popular Male Romance Writer.  The other thing that while reading this it did get me thinking that we now live in a world where it is becoming more open to males writing romance novels as the gender stereotype is starting to break. 

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