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Education for our children is important and something that we all wish to have instilled into our children. Some children though have difficulties learning, and we don't wish to discourage their learning, but they are bothered by the way others are taught, they get frustrated and evidently decide one day to stop learning. 

As parents, family members and educators we wish for this not to happen and Learning Success - www.learningsuccessblog.com  has created some different activities to help the children learn.

Some of the current activities on the site that I have tried include:

Memory Cards: Letters -

This was an activity that I enjoyed as I love memorizing objects. I think too that if I had been taught it at an earlier age, then my memory would be even better than it is today. This activity is all about developing the child's memory skills.  Having a strong memory skill set helps us in all aspects of our lives It's best to think of working memory as a combination of things, not one thing. Just like intelligence is the total of all the thinking processes. Working memory is a combination of a variety of things also.

We can think of working memory to be separated into three main types.


We can see things in our mind. We can hear things in our mind. We can remember how something feels in our mind.When we "see" things in our mind our mind may process them as images, symbols, two dimension shapes, three dimension shapes. Images in motion (video), shapes in motion, etcAny of these could be linked to sounds or feelings. And all this could be linked to meaning.

So, as you can "see." Working memory is pretty complex. And that's a good thing. Our minds link all that together automatically. We have many forms of working memory. We can combine these forms. We can strengthen all these individually and in combinations. If we use combinations, we are making more connections in our brains, and this means stronger memory skills.

In this activity, we have a card set of Alphabet Letters, each deck the same cards. On one side of the table, the adult or tutor places down two alphabet cards and leave on the table for 5 seconds so that the child can memorize what the cards are. Then flip them over, so the child can no longer see what is written on them. With their pack, they will then pick out the cards with the two letters on them and place them down. 
Do they Match ??? If so, then put to the side and try again - eventually, you can work yourself up to the child memorizing 4-7 cards at a time. Please note the Average Adult can only memorize seven things at any one time.
Sample Alphabet Flashcards


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