Friday, December 9, 2016

Review: Liar, Liar - L.A Cotton

Liar Liar
Review: Liar, Liar - L.A Cotton - November 2016 

What would you do if you got into trouble and over your head? Would you have your families back? Would they do everything that they could in their power to support you and help you get a fresh new start? For Becca, that's what her family did as they packed up and moved across the country to a small town where nobody knew them except a friend of her father's and where nobody knew her past as how could they when she is a million miles away. Becca's former life was one of riches, country clubs and she was the Queen B. That was until she fell in love with the wrong guy and tragedy ensured. Becca is just beginning Creedence High School and it seems that being the new girl isn't as easy as she thought it would be at this school and the students are far from her usual crowd and seems that she has already rubbed the school bully Kendall up the wrong way. Luckily she has the backs of her new friends Scarlett and Evan or is all not what it seems ? What will happen when notes and threats and text messages start to appear that look like someone knows exactly who she is and what she is running away from ? Liar Liar was intense and I had hoped that we had a bit more of a deeper look into Becca's past - maybe that might come in book #2 and OMG that last chapter had me screaming as I was like NOOOOOOOOO when it finished. Sorry readers, Liar Liar ends on a major cliffhanger and if you are like me and hate them then I would hold off reading this series till Book #2 arrives as now I really want to know how the characters are connected to Becca's past or if they are part of a different conspiracy ? Liar, Liar was an awesome romantic teen suspense and fans of show like The Lying Game etc will enjoy and find themselves at home with .

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