Review: Fool Me Once - Harlan Coben

Fool Me Once

Review: Fool Me Once - Harlan Coben - March 2016
One of my favorite mystery and suspense authors has always been Harlan Coben. In the same tradition of James Patterson and Lee Child, Harlan Coben writes his books fast-paced and often shorter chapters. He is one of my go-to authors, and I make sure that I read everything he has released, or at least give it a try. Like many of my books, I have had this one sitting on my reading shelf for a while and with a day off work today - Thank Goodness for Public Holidays, I decided to read it this morning with my cup of Earl Grey tea. Fool Me Once packed a punch and unraveled a bigger conspiracy at hand than we would have guessed originally. The main character Maya's husband Joe has been killed in a robbery gone bad and four months earlier her sister Claire was murdered in a home invasion. It seems death likes to follow Maya. With Maya being away and busy, she hires a nanny -one who knew her husband and with the help of her best friend Eileen installs a Nanny Cam. One night while checking out the footage, she gets the shock of her life as her husband who is supposedly dead appears well and alive on screen. One thing leads to another, and it is discovered that the murders of her husband and sister might be connected. With the help of an associate and friends, Maya will enter down a rabbit hole filled with clues, but if she isn't careful, she may be unearthing a decade or more of dark secrets that should stay hidden. As Maya continues to wade through the secrets, the lies and follow the trail - will she find herself next on the Kill List or will she be able to pull down everyone involved in the decade-long conspiracy of blackmail, bribery, and murder?
 Fool Me Once is a suspense novel that shows the lengths that some families will go to A) protect their family name and hide scandals and B) keep the family wealth.
 If you love Suspense novels and thrillers, then check out Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once as you will not be disappointed with all the action packed into this one book.


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