Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: Project Killer - J.L Beck

Project: Killer (Project Series, #1)

Review: Project Killer - Book #1 Project Series - J.L Beck - June 2015

I was in the mood the other day at work for a darker type book and something with a suspense level as needed that blood pumping. Another book that I had sitting on my Kindle was Project Killer - that cover attracted me and drew me in. I wasn't sure what it would be about, but it just had that premise of being suspenseful. The book, however, turned a different angle that what I expected, I had in mind an assassin of sorts novel, and it was in a way. The book starts off with two best friends Maggie and Diesel at primary school and then high school. Diesel, we learn is dying and has Cancer. The book then jumps to the present times where we discover that Diesel died seven years ago and now Maggie is working at a Pharmaceutical company with the hopes of eventually being able to work in the labs as after Diesel died she made sure her goal was to one day create or help collaborate a cure for Cancer. While out clubbing one night with her work colleagues, she sees a guy and turns pale as she can't be seeing what she is looking at? The guy in front of her looks like her best friend Diesel, but he supposedly died seven years ago? We learn that the company Maggie works at isn't what it seems and that the drug testing is being used on humans who no longer exist, they have also had their past lives and memories wiped. However, Diesel aka Killer can't stop memories of a girl only known to him as Maggie from flooding in his memory bank. What happens when these two old friends find themselves in the same place at the same time and hidden truths, lies and secrets are revealed? Can the pair save themselves and one another and OMG that ending, I did not see that coming and now I am intrigued to read Book #2? I think if it weren't for the cliffhanger ending and twist of Project Killer, I wouldn't be bothering to persevere with the rest of this series as it was a little too cliche, cheesy and predictable in parts for my liking.

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