Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: The Diary of Lexi Ashford - Part #1

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The Diary of Lexi Ashford, Part One (Lexi Ashford, #1)

Review: The Diary of Lexi Ashford - Part #1 - Lexi Ashford - Jessica Sorensen - November 2015

One of my favorite all-time authors is Jessica Sorensen, all of her books no matter what they are about go on my automatic to-buy list as I know I will enjoy them at some level. This one interested me as well being called "A Diary." The Diary of Lexi Ashford - Part #1 was a quick read and introduced us to Lexi Ashford. Normally things went haywire and never followed her exact plans until one morning everything seemed to be going right and her way. She never once stopped to think it would be too good to be true, I have to admit this part got to me a bit as I felt like she needed a reality check - life cannot go that perfect for people, no matter how perfect they think their lives are. In the span of the morning, she lost her job, her friends ith benefit and then to top it off was evicted from her house and had her tights attacked by a kid with felts. The positive of the day was that she met a mysterious and hot stranger that she felt remotely connected and drawn too. Lexi with no other option has to return home to her small town and her parents. During this time, she spots the mysterious and hot stranger once again and then discovers that they went to school together. Now if only, she could remember who he was ?? Time to bring out Lexi "Veronica Mars" Ashford. If you want a quick-paced, cutesy type and sweet down on her luck romance with an HEA and a cliffhanger to boot then check out The Diary of Lexi Ashford - Part #1 by Jessica Sorensen.

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