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Review: The Nine Lives of Christmas - Sheila Roberts

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The Nine Lives of Christmas

Review: The Nine Lives of Christmas - Sheila Roberts - October 2011 

Coming up to Christmas time, I felt in the mood for a Christmas tale and came across sitting on my bookshelf at home The Nine Lives of Christmas. As we all know Cats have nine lives and the main character of this book Ambrose is on his last one, and he doesn't want to go just yet, and he doesn't want his last life to be ruined by a vicious dog that won't stop chasing him. So Ambrose does what anyone in a dangerous situation would do, he stops and prays for a second chance and to make his last life worthwhile. Ambrose finds his way to Zach's - a fireman who is in need of some loving and Christmas spirit. Zach is the type of guy who can't commit, and it stems all the way to his childhood issues. This Christmas Ambrose is going to set Zach up and help him find true love and the love will be in the form of the Pet Palace worker Merilee. The only thing stopping this plan from working is that Zach already has an on/off the relationship and her family happens to own the Pet Palace. Can Ambrose redeem himself this Christmas and one of the other things I loved is when we meet Queenie - Merilee's cat and discover that she and Ambrose go way back to previous lives. If you are in the mood for a feel-good animal and romance story, something to warm your heart up to this Christmas then check out Sheila Robert's sweet romance The Nine Lives of Christmas. This is also readers, one book that I could envision as a possible Christmas Hallmark Movie.

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