VBT# : A Harmless Little Plan - Meli Raine

 A Harmless Little Plan (Harmless, #3)

Review: A Harmless Little Plan - Book #3 Harmless Series - Meli Raine - December 2016

I have to admit I was a little nervous in reading this book as I had read the previous ones and loved them. I also am the type of person who gets a little anxious when I know a series that I have enjoyed is coming to an end as I start to worry that I might be let down. Unfortunately, I did feel that way with Book #3 A Harmless Little Plan as I loved the previous two but found this one a bit lacking especially when you discover the whole beginning of why the incident in Book #1 happened. I felt that this needed a bit more of an explanation than what was given as I was like -really he did all that and went to all those lengths for that reason - that reason alone. I felt like I was missing a lot more backstory. In Book #3 the guys are back, and they have kidnapped Lindsay once again but this time they are going to finish what they started four years ago and frame Drew for the crime. Of course, Drew is smarter and has a team of men this time around who can help him and who he can rely on. Can Drew and Lindsay finally get their HEA or will they discover that in their lives, they are never destined to get an HEA? The other character I hated now that the series is over was Monica - Lindsay's mom, as just when you think she cares it's all about Politics and the press. I was like Argh, get over it, and I wondered if she had an ulterior motive throughout the books and wondered whether she should be the one running for office and not Lindsay's dad as at least he seemed to have empathy for his daughter. Overall The Harmless series was a good New Adult romantic suspense series. One that I do recommend that everyone read as it does also delve deep into the nasty side of politics and what having great power, wealth and connections can do to a person. It also shows what people will do to stay in the person with power's pockets. 



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