Review: Roommate Romance - Maggie Riley

After spending her life on the road as a stage manager from one show to the next, Allison is looking for some stability in her life and wants to work on Broadway. Her best friend and ex-college roomie Liz are headed on tour as an actress and offered her apartment to Allison for the next three months. Allison has a series of job interviews lined up and an apartment and is ready to rock New York. One big problem, though, Liz being the airhead and ditzy one she is also offered her apartment to the landlord Shane while she is away. He is looking forward to it since his studio is on the bottom floor. Well, they both can't stay here, can they? What begins as roommates though starts to develop a friendship as Allison is looking for apartments none seem in her pay bracket especially when she doesn't get one of the jobs she wants and finds herself working in a new theater doing avant-garde work. During the book, romance and chemistry blooms between Allie and Shane but is it just a fling or something more? What will happen when Allie is offered her dream job - traveling on the road with a Broadway show? Can she break ties with her newfound friends and Shane or will she realize that she loves Shane and vice versa? 
Find out in this cutesy romantic yet predictable Roommate Romance by Maggie Riley.



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