Review: Pretty Little Liars: RIP - Lisa Renee Jones

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Review: Pretty Little Liars - RIP - Kindle Worlds - Lisa Renee Jones - June 2013

Are you like me and missing Pretty Little Liars? I can't believe that after the next set of episodes it will be gone forever. I had seen a while back on Kindle Worlds, that a few authors had banded together and written Pretty Little Liars fanfiction. One that I read recently was RIP. Part of this book for me I was confused but the other part I was like OMG I remember that episode of the show. In this book, it starts with the introduction of a character Darla who seems quite friendly with the girls, and I was trying to rack my brain as I couldn't remember one in the actual books. It turns out the Darla was a foster sister of Alison DiLaurentis and has been away out of state at college as Hollis and Rosewood held too many ghosts and memories for her. Darla meets up with Aria, and we learn that Darla has been getting text messages, but not from "An" as the girls, her's have been signed RIP. Aria then mentions that the girls all saw Ali and was pulled out of the fire by them. Darla later decides to stop by Ali's house as it has been empty since her family when she is attacked by the mysterious RIP.  I have to admit, I was like Noooooooooo, it can't end now I have to know who RIP was but sadly we are not given that pleasure.  Pretty Little Liars - RIP is one of those books that end on a cliffhanger and sorry folks you will not get closure from this cliffhanger EVER.


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