VBT# Meet Me Halfway - Kim Carmody

Meet Me Halfway

Review: Meet Me Halfway - Book #2 The Off Field Series - Kim Carmody - December 2016

I have to admit I was looking forward to this book as the cover had attracted me. Though I wasn't sure what it would be about. It turned out that it was a sports romance. Olivia Callahan is a journalist working in the Sports fields and as we know females in this industry is quite rare and it is even harder to break through the glass ceiling. When a chance comes up for having a story featured on Under the Lights which is a big deal and for Olivia it is the opportunity of a lifetime and the possibility of finally reaching senior sports journalist status. Nate Sullivan is an up and coming football star and is the hottest thing around as he is about to start playing in the big leagues. He is also Olivia's subject for her story. The more they start spending time together, the closer they get and eventually despite both of their objections - mainly Olivia's they start sleeping together and keeping their relationship hidden so that Olivia can get her story together without bias. What will happen though when things start to get tangled for Olivia and her personal and professional lives start to mesh and do the one thing she never wanted to do - get distracted from the prize of her career. When she is forced to make a choice - her career or romance, what will Olivia choose? When things get even more complicated and guilt hits, will she be able to get back what she has lost or will her decisions and the consequences haunt her forever and end up losing both of the things she loved the most?
Find out in Kim Carmody's latest Sports hit "Meet Me Halfway."


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