The 18 and Over Book Tag-A-Long

It's that time again where I bring you a list of the 18 and Over Books that Ive read this week on The Phantom Paragrapher . Also if you love Paranormal Romance then head over to Bitten by Paranormal Romance and join in the 2011 Book challenge.

                                                                 This Week's Review:

  • The Accidental Human - Dakota Cassidy 
  • Entangled - Barbara Brink
  • Night of the Vampires - Heather Graham
  • Accidentally Demonic - Dakota Cassidy
What was your favourite read this past week ?


  1. I've read Dakota Cassidy but somehow it hasn't been too memorable.
    My fav read this past week has to be 'Talk to the Hand' by Lynne Truss *eat, pray, love author*
    A follower,
    - Dee, hopping from e-Volving Books


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