Friday, November 12, 2010

The New Joe Hunter Novel

Cut Run

Wanting an action packed novel ? Made your way through all the Jack Reacher , Alex Cross , Michael Bennett , Myron Bolitar novels and wanting a new action star to hook onto ?
Author Matt Hilton brings us Joe Hunter .

Review: Cut and Run- Matt Hilton -November 2010

Hold onto your seats as I bring you readers from around the world , the newest big name in Adventure novels , soon some of you will be going Jack Who or Alex Who ? and Welcoming Joe Hunter into your lives and on your reading palettes.
Joe Hunter is a former Special agent now working as a freelance agent , if you want somebody caught and want the best -then phone Joe Hunter.
However, in Cut and Run Joe has bigger problems on his hand , this time it's not an easy job as somebody out there is impersonating him and killing all his friends, family and other random people. People like Joe Hunter have alot of enemies and evil ones too , so now it's a race against the clock as Joe starts eliminating his list of enemies and trying to A) Clear his name and B) Save the ones he holds dear. With a twist of events in the novel , we read and discover that though this person is indeed a ghost from Joe's past ,its somebody who didn't even cross his mind when he was making his list of enemies and checking them twice.
Looking forward now to reading the next Joe Hunter novel "Slash and Burn".
Other Titles of Joe Hunter's Include:
Dead Man's Dust + Judgement and Wrath

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