The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelias - Susan Hanniford Crowley

                  In for another sweet Vampire treat with author Susan Hanniford Crowley.

                                                           The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelia - 2009       

From the cover , you expect this to be another usual Vampire tale , but as you get into it from the very first page, we know that it definitely won't be as life has gotten tough for main character Laura Cordelia. Her husband to be has left her for another women and now her mother has passed away and she is alone in her life. However, they do say things happen in threes- So when Laura decides to jump off a bridge one night and end her life , she is rescued by Vampire David Hilliard. The novel then jumps to one year later and Laura and David are arguing and things aren't exactly working out for this Vampire couple. One night Laura is offered a way out of her Vampire deal A) to kill her maker - David or B) to disown all Vampires for the rest of her life. Can Laura make the hard decision to go from Vampire to human and regain her old life back or will her heartstrings be tugged as she rediscovers her feelings for David ? What will happen to Laura when she discovers that her mother wasn't entirely human but a Telikon - A Stormmaker and that Laura has inherited the gift or curse depending which way she wants to look at it . Can Laura handle being a vampire and now a telikon or will she succumb to losing everything in order to wipe the last year or will she live happily ever after in a stormy relationship with David ?.

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