Friday, November 19, 2010

Accidentally Demonic - Dakota Cassidy

Today's book series has included Vampires, Werewolves, Were-Vamps and now for the final book in the series presenting Demons.

                                                          Accidentally Demonic (An Accidental Series)

                  Review: Accidentally Demonic - Book #4 Accidental Series - February 2010

It's the fourth and final book in the Accidental friends series by Dakota Cassidy and it definitely has been a journey of humour, friendships and unfortunate events - however we must not forget the most important aspect of the books "Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics".
Book #4 Accidentally Demonic focuses on Casey - Wanda's long-lost sister who is about to start a Sweet Sixteen party for the daughter of her partner Clay , it is during the sweet sixteen party that we see Casey start to reflect to how she got to this day as Eight months earlier , it was the least imaginable thing on her mind. She was just your go-happy party gal and now an instant family complete with partner Clay and his daughter.
Book #4 takes off where Accidental Human finishes and we see Wanda adjusting to life as a Were-Vamp with partner Heath , Marty the Werewolf and her mate Keegan have just had their first child - a little girl called Hollis and Nina - well Nina's still adjusting and is her usual grim and rude Vampire self.
Out on a Shopping trip , Wanda gets a phone call from Casey to bail her out of jail - the thing is Casey can't exactly remember what happened-only snippets. As the story develops Casey discovers that Clay who is in fact a Vampire also spilt some Demon Blood on her which somehow made its way into her bloodstream and wham bam Casey is a Demon . Can Casey work her way through things and learn the way of a demon , just as her sister and her friends had to work through their supernatural changes. As the story goes on Casey and Clay become romantically involved , then he bangs the hard truth on her - he has a 16 yr old daughter . How will Casey take the news and what happens when the daughter and Casey start to clash ?
Find out in Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy and stay tuned as I bring Dakota Cassidy's Kiss and Hell Series.

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