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The Hollow and The Haunted- Jessica Verday

Remember the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving , if not then the movie with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci.
The Haunted is book #2 of the series - The Hollow also the title of the first book by Jessica Verday which has a modern loose take on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - one of my favourite Halloween reads.

                                                         Hollow, The
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The Hollow by Jessica Verday (2009)"Sometimes Love knows no boundaries"

Set in the town of the wonderful author Washington Irvine , creator of the tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" . This story surrounds the tale of Abbey who has just lost her friend in a tragic accident her best friend and only friend Kristen Maxwell. Dealing with her grief , Abbey decides to spend her days at her friends gravesite buried in The Sleepy Hollow Cemetry. Their she meets a handsome boy named Caspian Crane whom Abbey falls in love with. Along the way she also makes friends with the old Caretaker Nicholas and his wife Kat. However both sets of Abbey's new friends have an very unusual past and an eeirly resemblance to the characters in Washington Irvine's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". Is Abbey losing her mind and going crazy with grief or is their something very unusual happening at her local cemetry?

The Haunted (The Hollow, Book 2)

Review : The Haunted - Book #2 - The Hollow Series - Jessica Verday -August 2010
In some ways I was excited to be able to read The Haunted as I had loved The Hollow and wanted to see whether they had discovered who D was and what the outcome of Abbey's visions were ?
In The Haunted we are taken to Abbey's Aunt Marjorie's where she has spent the summer with her therapist , trying to get rid and think that the images and people she saw Caspian, Nikolas and Katy weren't real, it was all in her imagination. Now back home , we watch the town gather for a memorial and bridge reconstruction for Kirsten Maxwell - Abbey's best friend. As the story progresses we see Abbey developing a friendship with Ben and getting back into the habit of making her perfumes ( which I loved - all the different flavours and you can imagine the glorious smells) whilst reading the book. However, her friends are not done with her as we see Caspian re-appear and we realise that Abbey and Caspian's love for each other is so strong that it can break the realms of normalancy and we see the re-apperances of Nikolas - the original Headless Horseman and his wife Katy with her famous peppermint tea. We also discover what the D stood for in Kirsten diaries and Abbey is one step closer to discovering who Kirsten's secret boyfriend was and what will happen when Abbey realises that Kirsten wasn't the only one on the bridge that night ?.  In places , I really enjoyed this story , reuniting with loved characters but in other parts I found the story to be a bit slow and weak.
Though , I have to admit that when I read that their was to be a book three , I can't wait to read it and complete the trilogy.

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