Nightshade - Andrea Cremer

Happy Thanksgiving day to all those who celebrate it around the world, I've noticed growing up that NZ isn't really big on holidays , so im envious of those who get to celebrate holidays by going all out like Halloween, Thanksgiving , Christmas etc.

Today's novel is a tale of werewolves - though in this book , they are called Guardians.


Review: Nightshade -Andrea Cremer - November 2010- (NZ Release)

First off, I just want to say how much I loved this cover, I've always been a judge by the cover type of girl and the cover of nightshade with all the purples are amazing, think the picture above but instead of the purpely-blue , think of it as a deep dark purple and then you have the cover I had.

In Nightshade , we are presented with two wolves - an Alpha male called Ren and an Alpha female called Calla Lily. They are the next generation of wolves called Guardians , their job is to protect the keepers and their people from Searchers. They are to be mated and to join their packs together on Samheim - October 31st . Ren's pack is called Bane and Calla's Nightshade. All goes well, until Calla saves a human boy Shay from a grizzly one day whilst guarding the forest. She soon discovers that things are not as they seem as Shay starts attending her school, then slotting into her world. Soon romantic sparks fly between Shay and Calla , ones that have her heart in a twist as she is supposed to be bonded with Ren . Will she be able to stand by her pack or will she disobey her orders as Alpha female and follow her heart ? What happens when Shay and Calla discover a book of secrets that will turn everything that Calla has ever known into a lie, what will happen when she discovers the ones she thought she could trust end up betraying her ? .
Find out in Nightshade , a fast-paced novel that will have you wolfing it down within hours as once you pick it up , you won't be able to stop.

Keep an eye out for Wolfsbane to be released in July 2011 , again with a beautiful cover.
Wolfsbane: A Nightshade Novel


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