Nancy's Theory of Style - Grace Coopersmith

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                                                        Nancy's Theory of Style

                   Review : Nancy's Theory of Style - Grace Coopersmith - May 2010

When I first saw the cover of this book , I decided then and there that it would be one I'd add to my list as the cover was very attractive, though one would probably think -how can a roll of Toilet paper on the front cover of a book be that attractive, but somehow Grace Coopersmith's Cover artist was able to pull it off. The second thing that grabbed me is the whole nine-yards of Event planning, socialite parties etc as some of my favourite films include The Wedding Planner , How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Event Planning and PR - something I hope to venture into down the track as it seems glamorous but I know that it takes a long time to plan and you have to be organized. As nothing is actually as glamorous as on the movies or in books.
Nancy's Theory of Style takes us into the life of Nancy Carrington-Chambers, a newlywed who believes that having an excellent sense of style and strict attention to details is what makes a successful life. When her husband starts to show signs of what Nancy can only describe as Tackiness , she decides to move out into her apartment building and concentrate on her new and upcoming business. Thinking that her husband is supporting her , he hires her a gay English assistant and soon Nancy finds herself way over her head when her cousin dumps her 4yr old daughter Eugenia on her. As the novel goes on and the event of the year draws nearer and nearer, Nancy soon realises that things aren't what they seem and that the people she thought she knew and trusted aren't exactly who they say they are. Will Nancy be able to get her business off the ground, sort out her marriage and distinguish the differences between her fake and real friends?
Nancy's Theory of Style shows us that in the line of fashion, style and even happiness and love, you have to take risks as it's not all about playing safe.


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