The Network - Jason Elliot

                                                                The Network: A Novel
A friend sent me a link to a review about this book and apparently it's making it's way round the world wide web as the book to check out and read . So today readers I present you with a synopsis of The Network by Jason Elliot

Synopsis : The Network - Jason Elliot - September 2010

This intriguing first novel takes another look at the world of espionage in Afghanistan. A travel writer with firsthand knowledge of the area, Elliot effectively combines action and landscape in a thriller set prior to 9/11. Anthony Taverner, a recent recruit to MI6, the British Secret Service, is sent to Afghanistan to destroy several Stinger missiles before al-Qaeda can get its hands on them. With the help of a veteran and friend, Taverner undergoes extensive training to prepare himself for the deadly mission and the forbidding terrain. He quickly learns that the success of the mission will depend on cunning as well as conditioning: secrets abound in the spy world, and nothing is what it seems. The Afghan setting is vividly rendered, but the slow pace of the story will make it a hard sell for readers expecting something in the Vince Flynn or Brad Thor vein. For those wanting a realistic look behind the news, however, Elliot delivers the goods. --Jeff Ayers


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